Are you tired of applying your eyeliner every morning?  Do you want it to look perfect but struggle to get it straight and even?  Are you sick of spending money on eye makeup every month?  Semi-Permanent Eyeliner may be the answer!  Semi-Permanent eyeliner creates natural looking defined eyes 24/7, and saves you the time and money of applying makeup daily.

Here at Bliss there are numerous steps taken during your appointment to ensure that you love your new look!


Your technician will start your appointment by discussing with you exactly what style and color of eyeliner you are looking for, from subtle and soft to bold and dramatic.  She will then draw the eyeliner on with a black pencil so the client can see and adjust the shape before the micro-pigmentation begins.  During the first session, we prefer to be cautious with thickness and length as we can always add more at the touch-up appointment.

What Color can I choose?

We recommend choosing a black colored pigment as the retention (how well the color holds in your skin) with black is stronger, however you can choose from a variety of colors ranging from blacks, charcoals, browns, blues, etc.

Is it painful?

Prior to the procedure the eyelids will be numbed with a topical numbing agent for thirty minutes.  The technician will also use an additional numbing agent throughout the procedure to ensure the client stays comfortable.  Most clients describe it as a tickling feeling on the eyelid and do not experience much, if any, discomfort.  The eyeliner can cause some redness and inflammation on the eyelid after your appointment, and up to three days after the procedure.

It is safe?

In the hands of a skilled professional the process is safe for the client.  At Bliss our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the art of micro-pigmentation.  We use numbing agents that are safe for the eye area as well as disposable, sterile needles and products that are single use only.

How long does it last?    

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner can last from two to eight years before a touch-up is needed.  When you need a touch-up up is dependent on many factors such as skin, health, color chosen, etc.

How much does it cost?    

The cost of Top Eyeliner is $399.99, Bottom Eyeliner is $249.99 and Top and Bottom Eyeliner is $649.99.  This includes your initial appointment as well as a touch-up appointment after six weeks to perfect the eyeliner.


And voila!  After your Semi-Permanent Eyeliner appointment you will have perfect looking eyeliner every morning!  It will not run while you sweat or swim, wash off or budge one bit, saving you time and money on expensive makeup products!  If you have any additional questions about our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner service, we offer complimentary consultations and would be happy to meet with you to discuss the procedure.

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Website by Red Mix Creative © Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Herauf Group of Companies