For any of you that over plucked your brows throughout the years or you just want a fuller effect without having to fill them in everyday, listen up…because Microblading may be for you!

Microblading is a tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by implanting pigment under your skin with a manual handheld tool. Hair like strokes are drawn with the tool to mimic natural eyebrow hair.

What’s so awesome about Microblading is that the results are subtle, but definitely more filled in and darker. This is your everyday look so you don’t want to go too dramatic.

It’s the same concept of a traditional tattoo except traditional tattoo pigments aren’t used. The skin is being broken therefore it is classified as a permanent treatment, however the pigment is a semi-permanent option that does fade away over time.

You might wonder about how we pick out a shape for your eyebrows…

We measure your face using a special Bliss Permanent Cosmetics eyebrow ruler. We want to follow your natural muscle and bone structure. Many times two different shapes are drawn to see which one you prefer most. Don’t worry, the technician won’t start until you are completely satisfied with the drawn on shape!

Another question people ask, “Does it hurt?!?.” We got you covered. When you come in for your appointment a very strong topical numbing anesthetic will be applied to the eyebrow area. Once the procedure has started another numbing agent is added throughout the process. We want you to be comfortable so at any point if you’re feeling discomfort just let us know and we will apply more numbing.

Yes, we do most of the work, but you can also prepare for your appointment by avoiding certain things. If you drink a lot, take aspirin, or use retinol, stop one week before your treatment. Retinol makes your skin thinner prompting for you to bleed a little more.

Microblading is a form of art, so it takes time. You’re first session is about 2 hours. After you A-OK the shape it’s time to pick a color. We have a variety of different colors at the clinic. We can completely customize a color that best suits you. Do you have a favorite brow pencil you use?? Bring it in and we can color match it! After your first appointment you need to come back about 6 weeks later for a touch-up. We like to call the touch-up appointment the “perfecting” one. During the healing process you might want your brows to be darker or more hair strokes added and that can all be accomplished at the perfecting appointment!

Once you leave the clinic after the first appointment you will be given a strict set of aftercare rules. We can’t stress enough how important it is to follow the aftercare process to a tee! Think of it as… we did our job applying the tattoo and now it’s your job to keep it on and take care of it. Your life will be a little different the first few days after the procedure. They must be kept away from any type of moisture. This means no sweaty workouts or washing your face in areas that water can touch the brows. Sleeping on your back is important, too! (sorry if you’re a side sleeper) Pigment can seep into the pillowcase if on your side so for the first 10-14 nights it’s important to find a way to sleep on your back. Once you leave the clinic, though, you will receive the full set of rules and be provided with long term care points.

Results after Microblading vary, which means it’s different on everybody. Many factors can affect the color retention such as: lifestyle, skin type, and how well you take care of them. It is important to understand that all tattoos are not the same from skin to skin and results may vary.

We always recommend coming yearly for a color boost. This is an awesome way to keep your brows looking fresh and sharp!

Overall, Microblading can be great on so many levels. If you hate waking up early to draw on your eyebrows this can be an option for you. Many women’s eyebrows who have undergone chemotherapy do not come back so Microblading works perfect for that. At Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. our goal is to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. We aspire to make our client’s feel as comfortable as possible. From greetings with a warm friendly smile, to a sincere appreciation when they leave always remembering to say thank-you. Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. is always exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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