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If you are looking to get permanent make-up done, please remember to learn everything you can about the industry, especially the technician. There are many technicians who have inadequate training as well as limited if any artistic experience and ability. You are altering your appearance, so it is important to find a technician you can trust!

One of the best ways for a technician to become successful in this industry is to obtain proper certification and obtaining the necessary apprenticeship hours, where you are continually attending learning programs.  This helps define those Technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable of all the fundamentals of permanent cosmetics from those who may fraudulently pass themselves off as proficient and fully certified.

Take time to check out the technician. It is well worth the extra time spent to be assured of quality of permanent make-up that you can enjoy. You have to feel comfortable with your technician. Good communication between you and the technician can make your experience with permanent make-up more enjoyable.


The least you need to know when it comes to qualifying your Technician:

Qualified Technicians: obtain the BEST training from the BEST world renowned instructors and are committed to on-going learning around the fundamental of permanent make-up, as technology is always changing.   Did you know that in some states it is ILLEGAL to touch any permanent make-up client unless you have a beginner fundamental course of 80 -100 hours, and have been an apprentice for at least 6 months?

Qualified Technicians: are fully trained in Bloodborne pathogens.

Qualified Technicians: will have an operational license and will meet all facility standards set forth by the Department of Health, with on-going yearly health inspections.  The Technician/owner is responsible for managing and maintaining these standards at all time to ensure public safety.

Qualified Technicians: have more than 16 hours experience.  No reputable advanced course will accept less than 60 – 100 hrs of experience if a Technician wants to further their learning.  Eyebrow micro blading is not about taking one course and being great. This field requires on-going training every 1-2 years because it is always advancing.

Managing and maintaining a level of expertise and high standards is the sole responsibility of the Technician.  The consequences of not adhering to proper training and lack of experience can result in serious issues, such as an outbreak of infection, contamination of equipment and facility, and of course putting their client’s health at risk.

If you are a technician or someone interested in becoming a technician, again, we encourage you to do it the correct way by obtaining proper certification and learning techniques. There is no easy route in PMU, and at the end of the day, this is a career where on-going training is your way to excellence.

At Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc., this is our PASSION and what we LOVE to do. We will always continue to become greater for one sole purpose – our amazing clients!  We are committed to service excellence!


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