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Your permanent cosmetic procedure is personal. But also personal is your health and the responsibility you have for protecting it.

As with any procedure that breaks the skin, getting a permanent cosmetic procedure can come with health risks.
Taking a few extra minutes to ask questions and observe your surroundings before you proceed could be the difference between a good cosmetic experience VS creating a health risk such as….Hepatitis, HIV & Other Viral/Bacterial Infections that carry life-altering consequences!

Use the Bliss Education Guide before you go ahead with your procedure.


Facilities/Clinics Must Haves:

  • Facility appears to be clean with sterilized equipment and disinfected surfaces.
  • Facility equipment in good repair.
  • Procedure areas separate from all other areas of the business with hand washing stations.
  • Procedure areas free from all smoke & pets.
  • Be aware of any allergies you may have. (Example: latex gloves)
  • Assure that new plastic barriers are changed per procedure.
  • Single-use, or disposable equipment wherever possible. Equipment can only be reused if it is intended to be a multi-use Item and needs to be sterilized and disinfected.
  • Ask for business & technician reviews (Example: before/after photos & testimonials)
  • Use Biohazard containers for the safe disposal of needles. These containers are often yellow and say “Sharps”
  • Use clear labeled medical products.
  • Surgical/Isolation masks used by technicians during procedures. (Reduce the spread of infectious liquid droplets carrying bacteria or viruses)
  • Staff to wash hands/disinfect thoroughly with soap and water between clients.
  • Disposable gloves used by technician with each client. (New pair per client)
  • Able to provide you with a copy of most recent Public Health Inspection, and Certificates for all technicians. (If Clinic/Facility cannot provide report, we recommend to hold off on procedure)


Artist/Technician Must Haves:

  • Research The Technician that you plan to see “Experience, Artistic Skill, Credentials” (Minimum 60-100 Hr Beginner Course)
  • Ask to see all qualifications, such as Courses, Certificates and hours in Permanent Make Up. (Two day Beginner courses are not recognized by any reputable Permanent Make Up professionals)
  • Technicians should be fully certified in Blood Borne Pathogens & Safety Courses.
  • Technicians should be able to answer all questions & concerns you may have.
  • Able to provide you with BEFORE / AFTER & HEALED photos of their work. (Look at plenty of images, many new Businesses advertise other Technician’s work as if their own)
  • Proof of ongoing training, demonstrating commitment to continual best practices
  • Able to provide you a consultation, for you to ask all questions and concerns you may have.


Bliss Tip – Bargain shopping is great! When it comes to your face, Permanent Make Up isn’t one of them.

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