“1 in 9 Canadian women are expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime and 1 in 30 will die from it” – Canadian Cancer Society

With statistics like that you are most likely to know someone who is or was suffering from breast cancer. It very well could be yourself reading this article.

The women we have met, the stories they have shared, the laughs and the tears, it really hits home that this can happen to anyone, it could happen to you.

Not having your breasts is a constant reminder of Cancer.

Some women decide to proceed with reconstructive surgery but like many have told us “a breast without a nipple is like a face without its features”

After Breast reconstruction, your next step is a three dimensional Areola & Nipple tattoo. At Bliss, we design very natural-like areolas and nipple tattoos. We customize all areolas and nipples, the color, the sizing, to what that specific client is looking for. We use up to 5 colors to give the most dimension and achieve the most natural look.

We want to eliminate the constant reminder of what these women have been through.

“When Cancer entered my life it was like I went into survival mode just going day by day. When all my procedures were done, I was just relieved that I didn’t have to put my body through anything again” says Jennifer

We come across lots of women who have fought the hardest battle of their lives where they are cautious to go through another procedure.

Areola & Nipple tattooing is safe, it’s safe for the skin, using the safest and cleanest pigments in the industry, we have a clinic like setting to assure our clients feel safe and in a sterile environment.

“At first I was scared. After the surgeries, the reconstruction, did I really want to go through another thing on my breasts? You know, I have good days and I have bad days. Days that I’m okay but then I see my reflection in the mirror and it’s just a feeling of incomplete. A constant reminder of Cancer”

We want these women to move on with their lives and to feel beautiful again. We want them to regain that confidence that cancer stole.

“I went to Bliss for my free consultation and it really put all my fears aside. They are very professional and comforting. I was walked through the entire process of what to expect, design, healing process, any questions or concerns I had, they explained it all to me”

We asked Jennifer what Areola & Nipple tattooing meant to her.

“I felt like I got myself back Nipples might be silly to some people, but it’s so much more than that. I felt feminine again. I felt whole. When I look at my breasts now, I don’t see the scars, I see me. I cried when I first seen them on how real they look. I’ve seen work elsewhere before where it just looked like a circle of color but this, this was different, and it looked like I got my old nipples back”

We are hoping that with the support from survivors, physicians, and the community, that one day we can have this covered as part of the reconstruction process. It’s not just an Areola. It’s not just a nipple. The survivors that we know, the survivors that we are, we know it’s much more than that. It’s a step to feeling like yourself again and that is the most important.

Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. offers compassion pricing for those who have suffered from breast cancer. If you are unsure, we recommend coming in for a free consultation where you can meet the technician and discuss the entire process.

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails”

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