Areola Reconstruction | 3D Areola Tattoo


At Bliss, we feel honored to be part of the recovery journey by offering Areola Reconstruction. After surgery, we are the final step in getting you feeling like you again.

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, you have already been through enough, women that have undergone a single or bilateral mastectomy this is a wonderful option for you to feel like YOU again without the surgery process.

At Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. we strive to create a “BLISS” experience for our clients. We work to understand our clients as deeply as possible so we can meet their needs and expectations, and in doing so build truly reliable relationships.

We aspire to make our client’s feel as comfortable as possible. From greetings with a warm friendly smile, to a sincere appreciation when they leave always remembering to say thank-you. Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc. is consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Everyday we’re dedicated to providing the best service so we’ll always be top choice for our clients.

Putting our client’s number #1 as well as leading the Industry with Quality Assurance Standards.

| Start Feeling Like You Again |

The areola and nipple are completely customized to every client. For single mastectomy clients, we will design the areola and nipple to match your natural as best as possible. For double mastectomy clients, we will discuss your natural appearance prior to surgery and customize the shape & colour for the most natural appearance.

  • After surgery, most women have little to no feeling in area. However, we still numb the area with topical anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable during.
  • We will precisely measure to ensure the placement of the areola and nipple is correct and giving a natural appearance.
  • We use a variety of pigments to create the areola & nipple. By using different colours for highlight and shadow we then create a 3D appearance.

“Surviving breast cancer and going through a double mastectomy was more than a challenge but thanks to the fantastic work done by Bliss, I feel and look great.  I just can’t say enough positive and wonderful things about everyone at Bliss & the incredible work they do. Thank you so much for making me feel complete again”

-Michelle P.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for the expertise at Bliss. I am so happy with the results! I find I am constantly looking in the mirror and fooled for a moment every time. Thanks again for doing such a great job and being so friendly and professional. I all ways enjoyed my appointments at Bliss.”

-Dawna G.

“I got the Areola reconstruction done at Bliss this summer. I am so happy with how they turned out. I was in the show and tell at BRA DAY (breast reconstruction awareness day) and all the woman who saw the work said that they can’t wait to get theirs done, they look so real. I am very glad that I decided to get them done at Bliss Permanent Cosmetics.”

-Stephanie M.

“Amazing. Very professional and put me at ease. This was the final stage of my breast reconstruction and I’m so happy with the results. Well worth the drive from North Battle ford to Regina.”

-Janette L.

“Bliss Cosmetics helped close a very personal cancer circle for me through areola tattooing. I had no idea that this would impact my personal appearance so positively.  Thank Bliss!”

-Shelley L.

“I had been on the fence about getting the areola tattooing done. I wasn’t sure if I needed/wanted it. I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants and a revision a couple years later. I was happy with the outcome. Bliss was very knowledgeable and professional, I felt very comfortable at each session.

After the procedure was done and I was all healed up, I was pleasantly surprised of how great they made me feel. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror made me look and feel complete again! I love them and wish I had gotten them done much sooner!”

-Lisa Marie D.

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