• Sterilized equipment & disinfected surfaces.
  • Procedure areas fitted with separate hand washing & sanitization stations.
  • Premises completely free from smoke, pets & animals.
  • New plastic barriers per client procedure.
  • Client hand sanitization stations on location for cleanliness of the Facility/Clinic.
  • Biohazard containers for the safe disposal of needles.
  • Disposable ink-caps (rings) per client procedure.
  • Surgical Isolation mask worn during client procedure.
  • Effective hand sanitization between procedures.
  • Disposable gloves per client procedure.
  • Require all technicians to wear clean medical scrubs.
  • Procedure areas free of smoke, food & drink.
  • Verbal & written post care instructions provided per procedure.
  • Up to date Public Health Inspection Certificate.
  • Up to date technician Certificates in Canadian and American Blood Borne Pathogens & Safety Courses.
  • Setting Certificate standards for technicians demonstrating commitment to continual best practices.
  • Strong customer service focus, ensuring consistent quality in product & services.
  • All technicians and employees fully trained in service excellence, ensuring reliable service delivery.
  • Friendly courteous atmosphere provided in every interaction.
  • Practice accountability, reliability & competence in all situations delivering top quality results.
  • Empathetic, honest, trustworthy communication.
  • Implementing seamless feedback opportunity per procedure regarding services delivered.
  • Consistently striving to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • All pertinent information provided by each client will be kept confidential.

*Dedicated to the Highest Level of Sanitization and Cleanliness*

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