BLISS Company Philosophy

Dedicated to Beauty – Committed to Care

At Bliss Cosmetic Clinic we strive to create a “BLISS” experience for our clients. We work to understand our clients as deeply as possible so we can meet their needs and expectations, and in doing so build truly reliable relationships.

We aspire to make our client’s feel as comfortable as possible. From greetings with a warm friendly smile, to a sincere appreciation when they leave always remembering to say thank-you. Bliss Cosmetic Clinic is consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Everyday we’re dedicated to providing the best service so we’ll always be top choice for our clients.

Putting our clients number #1 is a Bliss Standard.

Top Notch Technicians

Our highly trained technicians are continually striving to be the top experts in their field. Through continued education with World Renowned Instructors in North America in the area of Micro Pigmentation and semi-permanent makeup. Bliss technicians are fully certified with yearly with yearly Canadian and American Blood Borne Pathogens Certificates and Safety Courses.

Top Rated Facility

At Bliss Cosmetic Clinic, we pride ourselves on the highest level of Sanitization and Cleanliness. A strict set of Bliss Quality Assurance Standards are followed to the fullest. All equipment is sterilized and disinfected per client and the clinic is up to date on Public Health Inspection Certificates. Being dedicated to providing our clients with a superior level of customer service, where “safety first” is our top priority!

Superior Products

It is essential for our clients to be informed and assured in the products we use. That is why the Bliss Research and Development Team has found the best quality the industry has to offer. We guarantee our products are 100% safe and provide high end results clients can depend on.

“I went from having very little eyebrows and feeling embarrassed about how they looked to not having to feel self-conscious when I woke up in the morning or when I took my makeup off. Bliss has given me more confidence and I couldn’t be happier! Definitely worth it!”

-Lauren P.

“I would give Bliss a 10 star if I could! I’ve always struggled with my eyebrows, I hated them and I could never get the look I wanted spending way too much time coloring them in every day. All I can say is amazing! I finally have the brows I’ve always wanted and I’m no longer embarrassed of them!”

-Megan S.

“I am so pleased with my eyebrows. It was worth the money. I feel so much better about myself. Being a cancer survivor, my eyebrows were very sparse and now they are beautiful!”

-Linda D.

“Bliss Cosmetic Clinic is absolutely amazing, Taylor is so talented and has great expertise in what she does, I am so happy with my eyebrows. Waking up with perfectly shaped and colored brows every day is the best thing ever! Thank you thank you thank you! Highly recommend doing this if you’re thinking about it!”

-Jody J.

“Bliss made my dreams come TRUE!!! I’ve been drawing my eyebrows on for years & it is so nice not to do that anymore. Highly recommended this is the best thing I have ever done!”

-Mandy M.

“I cannot say enough about Bliss and the work they do! I would recommend them 10x over again. This place is top notch, & professional Thanks again for the fantastic treatment and service!”

-Kristy O.

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Website by Red Mix Creative © Bliss Cosmetic Clinic Inc. 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Herauf Group of Companies